LOGO VSS Umwelttechnik

Chlorine emergency gas scrubber

VSS-Umwelttechnik employs both packed-bed columns as well as multistage venturi gas scrubber as chlorine emergency gas scrubber, legally stipulated for chlorine storerooms.

The emergency gas scrubber (see illustration) ensure the limit values of TA air (< 3 mg/m3) in the event of a hazardous incident.

Each emergency gas scrubber is calculated individually and thus tailored to fit local conditions. By means of a computer simulation program, a variety of possible accident scenarios caused by leaks are run through in order to be able to calculate the precise dimensions of the emergency gas scrubber. In this respect, the amount of chlorine, spaciousness, and the diameters of the valves and gas pipes are the decisive parameters.

KFVG 710-II-SO chlorine emergency gas scrubber

KFVG 710-II-SO chlorine emergency gas scrubber


  • Amount of chlorine: 500 kg
  • Temperature: 30 °C
  • Diameter of the leak: 5 mm
  • Volume flow: 2000 m3/h