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Gas scrubber for the production of semiconductors

VSS-Umwelttechnik supplies process gas scrubber which are specially designed for the separation of gases from epitaxy processes.

Our PURGAVI type scrubber (see illustration) is suitable for processes during which trichlorosilane (TCS) and dichlorosilane (DCS) with hydrogen are employed as the carrier gas. When using concentrated lye, separation of silane is also possible.

The so-called "point-of-use" process gas scrubber is connected directly to the processing machines. Models with several gas inlet systems also allow connection to multichamber systems or AP/RP process plants.

All VSS-Umwelttechnik systems guarantee high reliability and long lifespans for the most widely differing types of processes. The legal requirements from the ATEX 94/9/EC directive and the prevention of electrostatic charging are taken into account.

  • Oxidation
  • NOx-process
  • Diffusion
  • Plasma Etch
  • Furnace
EPI scrubber for the production of semiconductors

EPI scrubber for the production of semiconductors


  • Volume flow: 50 m3/h
  • Temperature: 20-30 °C
  • Harmful gases: DCS/TCS
  • Concentration of the unscrubbed gas: DCS 45 slm
  • Scrubbed gas concentration: HCl < 10 mg/m3
  • Scrubbing liquid: Wasser