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Gas scrubber for the processing of ores

As a result of the increasing contamination of ores, arsenic hydride (AsH3) is used for the development of zinc ores during ore processing, and then released afterwards.

For exhaust gas cleaning, extremely complex plants as far as the interplay of chemicals, materials and machines is concerned, are required.

VSS-Umwelttechnik has much experience as far as the planning, construction and operation of these complex plants is concerned. Our multistage waste gas cleaning systems, in which arsenic hydride is separated using a sulphuric potassium permanganate solution, are supplied as turnkey plants, and supply includes the required chemical preparation for the scrubbing and cleaning liquid.

3-stage arsenic hydride cleaning system

3-stage arsenic hydride cleaning system


  • Volume flow: 15 000 m3/h
  • Temperature: 60 - 80 °C
  • Harmful gases: AsH3
  • Concentration of the unscrubbed gas: 400 mg/m3
  • Scrubbed gas concentration: < 0,6 mg/m3
  • Scrubbing liquid: KMnO4