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In order to achieve fast ageing during core making, catalysts are added to the moulding sand in the core box. For this purpose, mainly organic but also inorganic core binding agents are used.

VSS-Umwelttechnik supplies all-in exhaust gas systems, starting with the induction pipes of the core shooting machines via sand pre-separator, fan, vent gas scrubber to the blow pipe.

As regards the cold-box process, we offer scrubbers for the suction of the amine-contaminated exhaust air. The scrubbing liquid is either optimised for recycling and recovery of the amines, or treated in a neutralisation plant (which can be supplied by VSS) using sodium carbonate and/or soda lye in order to be introduced into the sewage system (provided that the official authorisation is available).

As far as the recovery of amines is concerned, we recommend the TRG Cyclamin GmbH.

We would be happy to take on the maintenance not only of our systems, but also the systems of other manufacturers.

Emissions of the core making processes

Core making processes
Harmful gas Limit value TA air, last update 24.07.2002 Scrubbing method
Dimethylethylamin (DMEA) 5 mg/m3 chemical
Dimethylisopropylamin (DMIA) 5 mg/m3 chemical
Triethylamin (TEA) 5 mg/m3 chemical
Formaldehyd 20 mg/m3 chemically oxidative
Phenol 20 mg/m3 biological
Ammoniak 30 mg/m3
Formaldehyd 20 mg/m3 chemically oxidative
Phenol 20 mg/m3 biological
Ammoniak 30 mg/m3
SO2 moulding method
Schwefeldioxid 350 mg/m3 chemically oxidative


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KFVG 2000 foundry scrubber

KFVG 2000 foundry scrubber


Volumenstrom: 20 000 m3/h

Temperatur: 20-30 °C

Druckverlust: 650 Pa

Schadgase: DMEA

Rohgaskonzentration: 200 mg/m3

Reingaskonzentration: < 5 mg/m3

Waschflüssigkeit: H2SO4