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Laboratory neutralisation plants

A huge number of sewer pipes are not resistant to accumulating acids or lyes. For safety and material stability reasons, many laboratory operators require neutralisation of these effluents where they accrue.

VSS-Umwelttechnik offers a laboratory neutralisation plant which is designed to be installed in sub-storage units. The fully automatic plant which operates by way of a programmable control (see illustration) is designed as a two-sided neutra and excels due to the following advantages:

  • No gases are released during the filling of the receiver.
  • No gases emerge from the neutralisation tank.
  • Manual sampling at the discharge pipe is possible at any time.

The plant may be upgraded without difficulties using the following accessories:

  • Safety tank with leakage probe
  • Determinate pH check including recorder
  • Level switch for the feed tank
  • Extension module for the operation of the laboratory scrubber

Gas scrubbers for the application in laboratories are also employed. Allow us to draw your attention to our variety of laboratory gas scrubbers.

Model LN 115

Model LN 115